Regarding membership at MedScene.

I want to make a general, unlocked post to address a couple issues that have come up regarding membership to MedScene. If you've been denied membership, or would be interested in hearing why we don't simply admit everyone 18-or-older who asks, read on.

1) Often it seems that people mistake this community for one that has a purely professional interest in the medical field, or for one that simply discusses medication. This isn't the place for those things.

We want to be clear: this is a medical FETISH community. We've had quite a few people requesting membership who state in thieir own personal info that they are medical students. Now, this isn't necessarily a problem, but when we ALSO notice a marked lack of any fetish-oriented interests in their own lists, we tend to get the idea that the person has simply made a wrong turn somewhere and didn't actually intend to join a med-fetish community.

We don't expect it to happen too often, but we may deny memberships if we feel that we're not a good match - interests-wise - for the person seeking admittance.

2) Every now and then, we get membership requests from obviously "dummy" LJ accounts. We understand that people will make new "anonymous" accounts so they can join places they normally wouldn't with their main account(s). This is fine. However, these dummy accounts, when they have zero posts, haven't been customized in any way and when they have absolutely no information in them other than birthdate, do raise a BIG red flag to the mods at Medscene. We like to know that the people wanting in are actually, again, good matches for MedScene, and generic LJ accounts don't allow us to verify this.

As long as the folks behind dummy accounts participate in an intelligent, on-topic manner, we won't have to deny memberships to these kinds of accounts in the future.

It's true that MedScene is a very, very small community. We don't have the big draw of open membership and plentiful sexually-explicit material. We don't advertise ourselves, because sheer numbers do not matter to us. We're more interested in the right kind of member. We figure this: we have a different kind of appreciation for things medical, and those who really understand - those who need the sort of exploration we do here of this fringe of a fringe fetish - will find us on their own.

I think that's quite enough for now. Thanks for reading. :)