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The Doctor Will See You Now
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Here at MedScene, we see medical fetish just a wee bit differently...

No, you won't find enemas here.

Nor will you find speculums inserted into places you might find arousing.

And you certainly won't find scantily-clad fetish nurses sucking on syringes, either.

No indeed. Here, you'll find the path less trodden...

...where the surgeons get into your mind in more than one way.

...where you wake up, immobilized, in a sterile room only dimly lit with wan green light.

...where you know by the dragging whine of the saw that something horrible is happening to you, but you simply can't feel it for all the anasthetic injected into the back of your head.

This is a place for those who understand.

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Rules (updated July 16 2005):

  • All posts to MedScene must be friendslocked.

  • Regarding age: You must be 18 years old or older to join this community. Make sure your full birthdate is visible in your User Info. This means Month, Day and year. If it isn't, and you request to join, your membership will not approved until you correct the issue. If you lie about your age and we find you out, you get banned. If we find out conflicting information about your age from other sources on the net (and we do check), you will be removed or banned at the mods' discretion.

  • Regarding sexual material: While this community isn't first and foremostly about the sexual side of medical fetish, we will not, in general, refuse such contributions. However, any sexually-oriented medical fetish material MUST be placed behind an LJ cut. The maintainers may make quality judgements on any images depicting graphic sexual situations; if, in our opinion, the images don't meet a certain aesthetic sophistication, we may remove the posts containing them.

  • The maintainers may update these rules at any time, and more rules may be appended as needed. Notice of rules changes will be posted in the community.

  • Maintainers:

  • gentlecruelty
  • iodinejunkie
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